Interpreter & Translator Arabic ↔ German / English
Interpreter & Translator Arabic ↔ German / English

Interpreter & Translator Arabic ↔ German / English

Arabic is the fifth most widely spoken native language and is spoken in more than thirty countries. In light of the financial and political importance of some of these countries, it is no wonder that governments and businesses are often dependent on the support of skilled and professional Arabic translators and interpreters.

Qualified Arabic Translators

Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria offers ISO 17100-certified specialist translations into Arabic from German, English and French (and vice-versa).

We guarantee consistently high quality by complying with strict qualification criteria when selecting our translators and then adhering to the Four Eyes principle. Our highly qualified translators have excellent knowledge of their source and target languages. On top of that, our translators are also well versed in the terminology and linguistic conventions of their specialist field.

All translations are subject to a three-stage quality check. After the translator has completed the translation, it is compared with the source text by a skilled proofreader and checked to ensure it is complete, grammatically correct, stylistically appropriate and that the terminology is consistent.

Sworn Translator Arabic German

Of course, we also offer Arabic ↔ German sworn translations. Sworn translations are produced by an Austrian court interpreter. This court interpreter confirms the exact correspondence between the translation and the original with a certification form, their signature and a seal.

Interpreter Arabic German – Costs

The working languages of our simultaneous interpreters (conference interpreters) and consecutive interpreters (escort interpreters and/or liaison interpreters) for Arabic include not only German, but also English. The costs of a professional Arabic interpreter consist of the interpreting fees and any possible additional costs (travel costs, accommodation, compensation for travel time, etc.). Naturally, we try to keep the additional costs as low as possible for the clients by trying to employ interpreters that live near the event location. The interpreting fee depends on the duration for which interpreting is required (half day’s rate up to 4 hours, full day’s rate up to 8 hours). Simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs in the interpreting booth. More information about our prices for interpreting services and equipment can be found here.