Interpreter & Translator Bulgarian ↔ German / English
Interpreter & Translator Bulgarian ↔ German / English

Interpreter & Translator Bulgarian ↔ German / English

Although Bulgarian is among the smaller European languages with 9 million speakers, Bulgarian translators and interpreters are in high demand.

Qualified Translators

Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria offers legal, technical and other specialist translations for the pairs German ↔ Bulgarian and English ↔ Bulgarian. We guarantee consistently high quality by complying with strict qualification criteria (ISO 17100) when selecting our translators and then adhering to the Four Eyes principle. All translations are produced by academically qualified translators who have excellent knowledge of their source and target languages. The price of Bulgarian specialist translations is calculated based on the number of words in the files to be translated.

Bulgarian Translators for Various Specialist Fields

Bulgarian translators at Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria are well versed in a wide variety of specialist fields. The range of topics offered for Bulgarian includes, but is not limited to:

  • technical translations (operating instructions, technical documents, data sheets, maintenance instructions, installation instructions, etc.)
  • legal translations (rental agreements, purchasing agreements, employment contracts, general terms and conditions, etc.)
  • financial translations (annual reports, tenders, etc.)
  • translation of marketing texts (SEO translation of websites and online shops, folders, catalogues, press releases, conference documents, etc.)

Sworn Translator Bulgarian

In addition to ISO 17100-certified specialist translations, Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria can also provide German ↔ Bulgarian sworn translations for corporate clients. Sworn translations are produced by an Austrian court interpreter. As the court interpreter has to confirm the exact correspondence of the translation with the original through a certification form, their signature and a round seal, there will be no proofreading by a second translator.

Bulgarian Interpreters – Costs

 Our consecutive interpreters and simultaneous interpreters work with Bulgarian, English and German. The interpreting fee includes the actual interpreting itself, as well as thorough preparation for the interpreting assignment. For conference interpreting (booth interpreting) the interpreters always work in teams of two. This also applies for chuchotage (whispered interpreting), which is a special type of simultaneous interpretation.