Interpreter & Translator Serbian ↔ German / English
Interpreter & Translator Serbian ↔ German / English

Interpreter & Translator Serbian ↔ German / English

Serbian is spoken by more than 10 million people, primarily in Serbia, Montenegro and in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where Serbian is the official language. Serbo-Croatian was a collective term for Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian and Montenegrin used in former Yugoslavia. Today, this term is highly controversial. In addition to machines and plants, Serbia imports primarily pharmaceutical products, synthetics and paper. Serbian interpreters and translators play an important role when it comes to maintaining economic relations.

Qualified Translators Serbian

All translations are subject to a three-stage quality check. After the translator has completed the translation, it is compared with the source text by a skilled reviser and checked to ensure it is complete, grammatically correct, stylistically appropriate and that the terminology is consistent. Our academically qualified translators have excellent knowledge of their source and target languages. On top of that, they are also well versed in the terminology and linguistic conventions of their specialist field.

Translator Serbian - Specialist fields

For Serbian, Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria offers technical specialist translations (operating instructions, technical documentation, data sheets, maintenance instructions, circuit diagrams, emergency procedures, installation instructions etc.), legal translations (rental agreements, purchasing agreements, employment contracts, patent specifications, general terms and conditions, GDPR documents etc.) as well as specialist translations relating to tourism, finance (translations of annual reports) etc.

Sworn Translation Serbian

In addition to ISO 17100 certified specialist translations, Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria also offers sworn translations from Serbian into German and vice versa. Sworn translations are carried out by Austrian court interpreters. Court interpreters confirm the exact conformity of the translation with the original by means of an attestation, a signature and a seal. Therefore, a revision by a second translator is not necessary.

Interpreter Serbian German English - Costs

There are many congresses and events taking place in Vienna, Graz, Linz, Innsbruck etc. which are attended by Serbian guests. Our Serbian conference interpreters make sure that Serbian guests can easily follow the English or German lectures. Of course, our pool of interpreters also comprises professional consecutive interpreters for Serbian. Liaison interpreters make sure that the conversation between you and your trading partner succeeds even with difficult topics.

Usually, interpreting services are charged according to the duration of interpreting assignments. For interpreting assignments that last up to 4 hours a half day’s rate is applied. Full day’s rates comprise jobs lasting up to 8 hours. For each additional hour the fee will be charged at an hourly rate. The interpreter’s fee includes not only the act of interpreting itself, but also intensive and individual preparation for the interpreting assignment. Additional costs (travel costs to and from the location, accommodation, compensation for travel time) may arise if the location of the assignment is not where the interpreter usually works.

Technical conference equipment – Renting interpreting equipment

Our interpreting agency in Vienna is pleased to provide you with the latest interpreting equipment (soundproof interpreting booths, public address systems, headphones etc.), portable interpretation systems, discussion equipment and the latest conference and event equipment. The technicians of our partner company will provide the necessary technical support on-site.