Search Engine Optimised Translation of Websites and Webshops – SEO Web Translation Plus

Target Group
SEO Web Translation Plus is the ideal solution for companies that have a well optimised English website which has already been translated into German or another langauge. While the English site is frequently visited and often opens the door to interesting orders, the translated site (German etc.) attracts far fewer visitors. In this case, the translation urgently needs to be revised so that the products and services offered on the site can be found faster and more easily by users abroad.

This service includes:

  • Checking the optimisation of the translated website (German etc.)
    As there is no point in having a poorly optimised website translated, a member of our web translation department will first of all check to see how well the site is optimised. If we suggest any changes, you can then have them implemented by a webmaster of your choice. If you wish, we can also help you find a suitable service provider for this.
  • Compilation of a list of key search terms
    After you have carried out the necessary optimisation measures, we will sit down with you and draw up a list of the most important keywords that your target group abroad uses to search for your products and services on the Internet.
  • Preparation of instructions for the translator/revisor
    After you have carried out the necessary optimisation measures and approved the list of keywords, a member of our web translation department will draw up clear guidelines for the translator/revisor, which must be followed during the professional editing process.
  • Professional editing of the existing translation Our highly qualified translators will revise your website taking into account the list of search terms and the guidelines drawn up by our web translation department. As well as the visible parts of your website, they will also look at the Meta information contained in the HEAD section of your website that cannot be seen by visitors but which is extremely important for search engines.
  • Checking the translation for the search terms 
    A member of our web translation department will check the translation for the accuracy and correct density of the keywords that have been used.