Multilingual, hassle-free SEO packages
Multilingual, hassle-free SEO packages

Multilingual, hassle-free SEO packages

Whether you are looking at a monolingual internet presence or a multilingual website or web shop – success in the digital world is always defined by three interrelated components: technology, tactics and language. Combining digital efficiency, linguistic perfection and data-driven know-how in the field of strategic marketing is the only way to ensure that

  • the relevant target audience can find your offer online,
  • you can establish trust in your company among your customers and increase the levels of customer engagement necessary for successful digital lead generation,
  • you can increase sales and revenue and grow your international success on a sustainable basis.

Your web presence: a multilingual flagship of your company

  •  Your business is only just starting its journey towards international success?
  • Or have you already been operating abroad for many years but would like to realign your business or to grow its revenue by investing in digital strategies?

In times, where the possibilities for face-to-face contact are limited, it is particularly important to build up trust in your business via digital channels. The crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak is a striking example of these developments.

Our target-oriented, interculturally relevant and search engine optimised translations will turn your digital presence into a permanent multilingual flagship of your company by building trust among your customers.

Made-to-measure, multilingual, hassle-free SEO packages: design, content and strategy from a single source

  •  You already have a monolingual or multilingual website or web shop but you are not satisfied with its performance?
  • Or are you in the process of re-envisaging your international expansion process and are looking for a one-stop solution?

Then the flexible, scalable and hassle-free multilingual SEO packages we offer here at Connect Translations GmbH are just what you are looking for.

The multilingual, hassle-free SEO packages offered by Connect Translations Austria achieve a perfect symbiosis between a unique set of skills in the fields of translation, linguistics, search engine optimisation (SEO) and strategic digital marketing.

Together with a web marketing agency with a proven track record, we would love to support your forward-looking business by developing a second-to-none multilingual web presence with the help of our SEO packages.

Our multilingual SEO packages include the following services:

  • search engine optimised and target-oriented content translations
  • target-language keyword analysis & research
  • translation of search ads
  • competitor analysis
  • SEO audits
  • analysis and search engine optimisation of existing website texts

Leveraging the full power of multilingualism with our multi-language SEO packages

  • Is your business already successfully working with a marketing agency specialised in developing your web presence?
  • Or do you represent a business specialised in online marketing and eCommerce?

Whatever your background, we would like to support you on your way towards perfect multilingual web content with the help of our linguistic know-how and our multi-language SEO packages.

While you or your web agency are working on the necessary technical, structural and strategic optimisation processes, we will focus on implementing the linguistic aspects of your international objectives.

Our range of services includes:

  • target-oriented translations of the most relevant keywords and creating a terminology database
  • preparation of a project-specific style guide for translators, revisers & transcreators
  • ISO 17100 certified translations and transcreations that are adapted to cultural background and search habits of the relevant target audience
  • implementation of linguistic changes made necessary by SEO criteria (e.g. keyword density, etc.)
  • translation and adaptation of metatexts
  • translation of social media campaigns
  • translation of search ads
  • linguistic review of published content
  • multilingual copywriting
  • etc.

Search engine optimised, culturally relevant translations alone cannot replace other key measures that determine the success of a multilingual website, such as technical optimisation and a digital strategy; however, they lay the groundwork for all other optimisation processes and are therefore absolutely essential.

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