Terminology Management
Terminology Management

Terminology Management

Specialised language, meaning the kind of language used by an expert in a particular kind of field, is a crucial aspect of communication in general and even more so when it comes to translation and interpreting. Since specialised languages largely consist of a specialised vocabulary, a sound level of knowledge, meticulous research during and after the translation process as well as advanced, customised terminology management are indispensable in this context. Only professional translators, like the ones working for Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria, have this particular kind of specialist knowledge, the required research skills and the necessary technical means.

Specialised Language and Terminology

In linguistics and communication studies, the term specialised language generally describes a mode of expression distinct from general language and specific to a particular domain, although there might be overlap in certain areas. While there might also be pragmatic and syntactic differences between a specialised language and general language, specialised languages are primarily defined in terms of their specific vocabulary, also called specialised terminology. Usually, this specialised terminology is extremely precise and each individual term has an exact definition. This means that if a specialised text written by experts contains a term that was used with a particular intention, it is not enough to just find an approximate equivalent for its translation. Finding an exact equivalent of a specialised term in the specialised language of the target culture requires both a basic understanding of the field and extensive research. Once the correct terminology has been found, it also has to be saved for future translations so that it can easily be reproduced and used consistently whenever a term is needed again. In other words, professional terminology management is key!

Terminology Management – Training and Specialisation

This task requires a keen sense of intuition, research skills and knowledge about using terminology management software. Realistically, the only way to acquire and refine these skills in working with terminology is through a degree in translation, interpreting or in a related field, and years of professional experience. This is why the ISO 17100 certified Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria works exclusively with academically trained, professional and experienced specialist translators who are well-versed in the ins and outs of specialised texts and know how to handle them. Many of the translators we work with also studied law or economics in addition to their qualification as a translator. In any case, all our translators regularly undergo additional training.

Terminology Management Using CAT Tools

Even though our translators work precisely and carry out meticulous research, it is not only desirable but in many cases even necessary that clients contribute to the process of identifying the correct specialised terminology. If you already have a finished list of terminology or a glossary with previously used terminology or the terminology that should be used in this translation, please do not hesitate to send it to us. You can rely on us to cater to your specific terminological needs.

In today’s technologically advanced world, so-called CAT tools can also be of great help when it comes to terminology management.

  • These computer programmes, which were developed specifically for the translation industry, contain a feature to import lists of terminology, which can then be automatically considered during the translation process.
  • Additionally, using CAT tools can also guarantee terminological consistency across all relevant texts, which is especially necessary for specialised texts. So when two specialised texts of the same topic from the same client are translated using a CAT tool, the same terminology will be used consistently across all texts, even if a lot of time has passed. This technology is not only beneficial for translating specialised texts in the narrow sense but also advertising texts or websites which require a consistent corporate wording.
  • An additional advantage of CAT tools is that they make it possible to edit files without changing the original layout. The programme recognises the layout of the source text and reconstructs it in the target text.

In addition to CAT tools in the strict sense, Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations also uses terminological databases. Thanks to such databases, it is possible to collect specialised terminology regardless of personnel changes over long periods of time and across different projects, and to use these terms precisely and consistently. We create these terminological databases with the special requirements of our clients in mind.

We take full advantage of cutting-edge software, the long professional experience of our office team in the field of terminology management and our professional translators’ specialist knowledge, meticulous research and wealth of expertise. The combination of these factors makes us a highly reliable partner when it comes to terminology management.