Technical Translations Vienna
Technical Translations Vienna

Technical Translations Vienna

Professionally translated technical documents, instruction manuals, user guides, data sheets, instructions for use, installation instructions, assembly instructions, training documents and other technical texts are the flagships of every production firm. They significantly increase the reliability of your company and thus, its chances of success on the global market.

Terminology – Specialist vocabulary

Professional technical translations are characterised by their clear language and consistent use of accurate specialist vocabulary. Our technical translators, who have undergone rigorous academic examination, have become specialists in technical fields over the course of their career. These fields include civil engineering, environmental technology, materials handling, mechanical engineering, packaging technology, the paper industry, special-purpose engineering, structural engineering, systems engineering, traffic engineering and wood processing. As a result of this specialisation, our translators are perfectly familiar with the ins and outs of specialist and industry-specific terminology. If necessary, we are happy to create a terminological database for your company, which can be accessed constantly during the translation process.

Affordable technical translations

The structure of technical texts is generally very similar. There are also fixed sections of text that are used repeatedly with only minor alterations during the production of technical texts. By using CAT tools such as memoQ or Trados, translations that already exist can be used again. The use of these tools guarantees not only consistent terminology, but also allows a significant reduction in costs.

Translations right in their current layout

Thanks to the use of CAT tools, translations can generally be produced directly in their current layout. CAT tools can easily support files including those produced in Word, Excel, InDesign and PowerPoint, to name a few. With InDesign files, we will also need an IDML export file and the original in PDF format so that our translators and proofreaders can see how the original document looks. You can find more information about the work process here.

With design drawings that have been created using a CAD programme, we should ideally be sent the drawings not only in PDF format but also as files in the DXF exchange format. As such, we are able to produce translations using a CAT tool. The customer receives the translation in the exchange format and can therefore use it in its original format.

Technical translations – Languages

Our technical translators work in languages including German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch as well as Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish, plus Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovakian, Slovenian, Croatian, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.