GMP Audit Interpreters
GMP Audit Interpreters

GMP Audit Interpreters

National health authorities regularly check whether pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with the applicable GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements. As there are no globally applicable GMPs, some regulatory authorities also carry out inspections in pharmaceutical companies abroad. The health authorities from China, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Belarus, Russia and the US in particular regularly carry out GMP audits. To ensure that the respective inspection is not compromised by language barriers, the presence of professional GMP audit interpreters is indispensable.

GMP audit interpreters – Korean

For South Korea, the drug regulatory authority MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety – formerly KFDA) regularly carries out GMP inspections. Our Korean ↔ German interpreters' profound pharmaceutical expertise, long-standing experience as well as their knowledge of chemistry and medical technology ensure that the strict quality inspections by the Korean Inspection Authority run smoothly, also from a linguistic point of view.

GMP audit interpreters – Russian

Our GMP audit interpreters Russian ↔ German and Russian ↔ English also have the necessary know-how and language skills to professionally accompany GMP inspectors from Russia or Belarus. They always manage to stay composed, even in difficult situations.

GMP audit interpreters – Spanish

The Translation Agency Vienna ǀ Connect Translations Austria GmbH also has several German ↔ Spanish interpreters specialised in the pharmaceutical industry. By providing professional linguistic support, they ensure that there is no loss of information or misunderstandings between the inspected company and the inspectors (e.g. COFEPRIS inspectors from Mexico) during the inspections, which often last 7 days or longer.

GMP audit interpreters – other languages

In addition to Korean, Russian, and Spanish interpreters, our interpreting agency also has several interpreters for Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese who are familiar with the way the respective inspectors work and are happy to support pharmaceutical companies in reaching a favourable outcome to the GMP audit.

Costs for GMP audit interpreters

As with other interpreting services, interpreting for GMP inspections is charged according to the duration of the assignment. Click here for more information on the costs of interpreting services.