Foreign Language Typesetting
Foreign Language Typesetting

Foreign Language Typesetting

Whether you need Turkish brochures, Arabic manuals, Dutch technical documentation, French packaging, Chinese business cards or advertising materials in English, Finnish and Russian – by using the latest translation technologies and thanks to long-standing cooperations with top Vienna-based printing companies with an experienced pre-press team (familiar with foreign-language typesetting), we can not only offer you high-quality translations but also ready-to-print printing templates in the respective foreign language.

Foreign language typesetting – what exactly is that?

It may seem somewhat contradictory at first, but a successful translation consists of more than just an elegantly worded text. Even the best text can only reach its full potential if the layout, visual arrangement and formatting are in accordance with the chosen words and comply with the language-specific conventions. For this reason, many translation agencies work with so-called CAT tools, which recognize the source layout and reproduce the translation in that same layout.

But even CAT tools reach their limits at times:

  • In some languages, things are expressed in a more concise manner than in others. It can therefore happen that a translation is noticeably longer or shorter than the source text. Especially translations from English or German into Spanish and Portuguese tend to be much longer than the source texts. The technical term for this is expansion.
  • Translating between two languages with different alphabets becomes even more problematic: On the one hand, the expansion of the source text may still play a role, and on the other hand, different alphabets often require different layouts. Just think of Arabic, which is read from right to left: all graphics and pictures that are left-justified in the original must therefore be right-justified in the translation.

The visual and graphic editing necessary because of the resulting shift in layout is what we call foreign language typesetting. Foreign language typesetting comprises a series of design tasks that have to be done after the actual translation has been completed.

Foreign language typesetting and much more – our services at a glance

  • Translation of your print material into the language(s) you require
  • Foreign-language typesetting of the translation produced in accordance with ISO 17100 in your preferred layout (in InDesign, FrameMaker, Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Visio, or QuarkXPress)
  • Preparing translation-relevant texts in graphics and images for translation and incorporating the translated texts into the foreign-language graphics
  • Correction of galley proofs
  • Generating high-resolution files for the pre-press stage
  • Printing of the approved print files (possible on demand)
  • Shipping

The costs for foreign language typesetting are calculated according to the time required for the job.