Interpretation Technology Vienna
Interpretation Technology Vienna

Interpretation Technology Vienna

For 20 years, we have been offering professional technical support (interpretation technology, etc.) alongside our partners at international conventions, conferences, general meetings, congresses, and symposiums in the area South Moravia — Lower Austria — Vienna as well as in Austria in general.

More than just interpretation technology

In addition to extensive advice and on-site technical support from experienced technicians, our services include:

  • interpretation technology: latest interpreting equipment for simultaneous interpreting (up to 14 interpreting booths/languages)
  • user-friendly voting systems for voting at conferences, general assemblies, or political meetings
  • user-friendly debating devices
  • portable interpretation technology: tour guide system sets for meetings, negotiations, company tours, city tours, factory tours and guided tours for visitors (up to 20 participants)
  • wireless clip-on microphones, handheld microphones, neckband microphones, headsets, etc.
  • video and presentation technology: projectors, screens, monitors, etc.
  • stages, exhibition stands, furniture, room partitions, partition walls, etc.

Multilingual conferences are complex matters that require extensive preparation. In order to be able to send you an accurate quote, we need you to provide as much information as possible about the planned event. 

  • Is it a product presentation, press conference, board meeting, works council meeting, scientific conference, or staff training? 
  • Which languages are needed? 
  • Is there enough space for the interpreting booths (one booth needs just under 2 x 2 metres of space)? 
  • Will there be a sound system available at the venue? If so, is it compatible with the interpreting equipment (interpreting booths)? 
  • How many participants are expected? Who are the speakers? 
  • What is the exact schedule? 
  • Who is in charge of handing out and taking back the receivers (headphones)?