Workflow for Interpreting
Workflow for Interpreting

Workflow for Interpreting

There are countless settings in which interpreters can or must be called upon: from medical conferences in an international setting to bilateral scientific congresses to factory tours with foreign guests and many more. As a professional language service provider, Connect Translations Austria GmbH does not only offer technical, legal or other specialised translations. We also provide highly qualified consecutive and simultaneous interpreters. Please find information on the interpreting workflow below.

Workflow for interpreting – general information

In interpreting, a basic distinction is made between consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting.

  • Consecutive interpreters or escort interpreters interpret shorter speeches during negotiations, company tours and other meetings with only few participants.
  • Simultaneous interpreters are required for larger events with many participants & longer speeches by different people. Simultaneous interpreting at large conferences is also referred to as conference interpreting. Given the high cognitive strain involved in simultaneous interpreting, simultaneous interpreters always work in teams of two.

Our interpreters’ languages include:

Workflow for interpreting – suitable interpreters for every event

The Interpreting Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria GmbH has a large network of interpreters in Austria, Germany, France & other European countries. In order to ensure that the right interpreters are chosen and that they can prepare themselves in the best possible way for their assignment, it is important to clarify a few aspects in advance:

  • Language combination: While there is a wide range of available interpreters for some languages, interpreters for other languages are more difficult to organise. We would therefore like to ask you to let us know which languages you need as soon as possible.
  • Interpreting mode: Although professional interpreters usually take on both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting assignments, some interpreters are more comfortable with one mode than the other. This is why it is essential that you specify the mode in which the interpreting is to take place in your enquiry.
  • Thematic focus: Most interpreters specialise in certain areas in the course of their career. Hence, the more accurately you can define and circumscribe the topic of the event, the easier it is for us to choose suitable interpreters who specialise in your topic.
  • Venue and duration of the event: To avoid any additional costs such as compensation for travel time, we always try to appoint interpreters who live close to the event location. By indicating early on where your event will take place and how long it will last, it is easier for us to organise interpreters who live nearby and are available. At short notice, there is a risk that there will be no interpreters living locally available. If interpreters have to travel to the venue and possibly also stay overnight there, the client will be charged for these additional costs.
  • Preparation (material): Even with years of experience, professional interpreters still devote several hours to preparation before each assignment. We would therefore be grateful for any event materials (such as programme items, speech notes or PowerPoint presentations), preferably a few days before the event takes place. Another thing to bear in mind is that the interpreter's fee covers both the actual work as well as the time-consuming preparation, which explains the daily rates of professional interpreters, which may seem rather high at first.
  • Lead time: When it comes to arranging interpretation, as with organising any event, the more time, the better. The organisation of large events involves many parties with different needs and concerns, which is why the coordination and fulfilment of everyone's wishes requires time and patience. We are only able to organise interpreters who meet all the requirements and can thus contribute to the success of your event if we have sufficient time for planning and preparation.

Workflow for interpreting – additional services

In addition to finding the right interpreters for your event, the Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria GmbH offers a range of additional services:

  • Interpretation technology: Depending on the number of participants and the setting, interpreters need different tools for their work. While soundproof booths are usually required when interpreting simultaneously for larger groups, a tour guide system set is often sufficient in the case of escort interpreting for a smaller group of listeners. You can conveniently hire technical interpreting equipment ranging from portable booths to tour-guide system sets with up to 20 or 36 receiver units from us. Before the event begins, the technicians of our technical partners install and check the technical equipment, thereby preventing potential breakdowns in the best possible way.
  • ISO 17100 certified translation of event materials: Should you wish to offer your international visitors multilingual congress documents in addition to actual interpretation, Translation Agency Vienna| Connect Translations Austria GmbH will gladly take care of their translation. It takes a lot of time and effort to plan these events and sometimes said documents are their only keepsake. The value of good translations of these documents should therefore not be underestimated. Further information on the workflow for specialist translations can be found here.

One thing also applies to our additional services: The sooner and the more accurately you inform us of your wishes, the better we are able to fulfil them!

Workflow for interpreting – pricing

Fees are calculated according to the duration of the interpreting assignments. The half-day rates (up to four hours), full-day rates (up to eight hours) and rates for additional hours vary depending on the language combination and mode of interpreting. Surcharges apply for evening or night events and events on weekends and public holidays.

Possible additional costs:

  • Travel to and from the event, accommodation and board for interpreters who do not live at the event location
  • Additional services like technical equipment and translations

More information on the price for interpreting services can be found here.

We are always happy to help you

If you wish to call on the expertise of experienced consecutive or simultaneous interpreters for your next multilingual event, simply contact our project management team with a brief description of your project (including event languages, desired interpreting mode, thematic focus, event location and duration, as well as any additional services you may require, such as interpreting technology or translation of event documents). We will get back to you as soon as possible with a quotation. We are also happy to make an appointment to explain the interpreting workflow in more detail.