Ukrainian ↔ English/German interpreters
Ukrainian ↔ English/German interpreters

Ukrainian ↔ English/German interpreters

Interpreters transmit the spoken word from one language to another. The Ukrainian ↔ English/German interpreters of Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria GmbH have years of experience in the interpreting of complex contents. Many of our consecutive and simultaneous Ukrainian ↔ German/English interpreters are members of accredited professional organisations and are without a doubt among the best in their industry.

Professional Ukrainian English/German interpreters

In order to meet our clients’ high expectations, the Interpreting Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria works exclusively with qualified and professional Ukrainian interpreters.

  • In the case of simultaneous interpreting, the interpreters receive the spoken words to be interpreted via headset. Simultaneous interpreters (also referred to as conference interpreters) translate what they hear (German/English or Ukrainian) into the target language (Ukrainian or German/English), more or less in real time, and speak their interpretation into a microphone connected to the headsets of the listeners. As such interpreters sit in special soundproof booths, simultaneous interpreting is often referred to as booth interpreting. Simultaneous Ukrainian ↔ English/Germaninterpreters are deployed primarily in larger conferences and meetings.
  • In the case of whisper interpreting, the spoken word is whispered (in real time) simultaneously to a small group of people in the desired language. The interpreter sits in close proximity to the listeners. Normally, no technical aids are used for whispered interpreting, although a mobile interpreting system (tour-guide system) is sometimes used. Whisper interpreting is a special type of simultaneous interpreting.
  • In the case of consecutive interpreting, the interpreters listen to a complete segment of speech, take notes and then repeat what has been said in the target language immediately afterwards. Ukrainian ↔ English/German consecutive interpreters are mostly deployed for speeches aimed at small groups of people and for business negotiations. Consecutive interpreters are often referred to as liaison, negotiation or escort interpreters.

Remote interpreting – Ukrainian interpreters at online events and video conferences 

Conferences and meetings are increasingly being held online or in hybrid form. Remote interpreting is the answer to this trend. Remote interpreting is a climate and resource-saving alternative to traditional simultaneous interpreting, where interpreters work in booths at the actual location of the event. Travelling expenses of the interpreter are reduced significantly or eliminated altogether. Special equipment is not normally required at the location. The interpreters tune into the conference from their workstation using a computer and headset via a professionally managed video conference platform. A stable internet connection is a basic requirement. We would be glad to advise you! Simply call us at +43 1 894 89 73 or send an e-mail to

Ukrainian English/German interpreters – a demanding profession

Simultaneous interpreting in particular is one of the most cognitively demanding jobs of all. What is heard must be grasped in a matter of seconds and the spoken content must be immediately reproduced coherently in a different language, making interpreting a very mentally exhausting activity. That is why Ukrainian ↔ English/German interpreters, like all other simultaneous interpreters, always work in pairs. They alternate every 20-30 minutes, ensuring high-quality interpretation even at all-day events.

The virtually endless range of topics an interpreter for Ukrainian may be confronted with make a targeted preparation of contents prior to an assignment indispensable. For this reason, the Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria requests its clients to provide sufficient reference or preparation material when placing an order.

Ukrainian English/German interpreters – Costs

The costs for interpreting assignments comprise the interpreter’s fee plus ancillary costs such as traveling expenses, costs for board and lodging as well as any traveling time and expense allowances or per diems.

The interpreter's fee is charged on a time basis. Half-day rates (up to four hours), full-day rates (up to eight hours) and rates for additional hours vary depending on the specialist field, language combination and type of interpreting (simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting). Usually, additional costs (surcharges) are charged for evening events, night assignments and events held on weekends.

In order to keep travelling expenses, travelling time and expense allowances as low as possible, we of course make every effort to assign English interpreters who live near the location of the event. As an interpreting agency that operates internationally, we also have an excellent network of interpreters in various European countries, thus ensuring that travelling expenses of interpreters are also kept to a minimum for interpreting assignments abroad.

Not only Ukrainian English interpreters

Our interpreting agency does not only offer interpreting services for the language combination Ukrainian – English. We will also gladly provide Ukrainian – German interpreters. The following languages are also provided by our interpreters – in each case in combination with either English or German: Arabic, Danish, Chinese, French, Italian, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Czech, Turkish and Hungarian.