Interpreter Costs – Prices for Interpreting Equipment
Interpreter Costs – Prices for Interpreting Equipment

Interpreter Costs – Prices for Interpreting Equipment

The prices for interpreting jobs are comprised of the following elements:

Interpreting prices

a. Interpreter’s fee

Interpreting jobs are charged depending on time. Half day rates (up to four hours), full day rates (up to eight hours) and rates for additional hours vary depending on the language combination and the type of interpreting the interpreter performs. Simultaneous interpreters are consistently more expensive than consecutive interpreters. For evening events, jobs during the night and events at the weekend or on bank holidays, the interpreter will generally charge additional costs (surcharges).

b. Travel to and from the location

The interpreters' travel costs shall be reimbursed by the customer at the rate of one standard class train ticket or in the form of mileage costs at the applicable official standard rate, per interpreter. If interpreters have to arrive the day before the event begins or leave the day after it ends, a half day rate shall be charged respectively for the time spent travelling.

In order to avoid having the customer pay these costs or at least to minimise these costs, we make every effort to assign interpreters who live near the event location. We also have an excellent network of interpreters in various European countries in order to ensure that the travel costs of interpreters are also kept to a minimum for interpreting jobs abroad.

c. Room and board for interpreters

All expenses (hotels, transfers, accommodation, etc.) of the interpreter shall be charged to the client. Expenses during the day will also be charged.

Cost of interpreting equipment

If requested, we can also provide the necessary technical equipment. In order to give you an accurate quote of the costs for conference equipment, we need as much detailed information as possible about the event location.

For short tasks (e.g. interpreting for signing contracts with a notary and lawyer), there will be a minimum fixed fee which covers all costs.

Please be aware that changes near to the date or requests for changes during the interpreting job can often only be taken into account in exchange for additional fees, or not at all. As such, please plan the assignment for the interpreters as precisely as possible.

In the event of a cancellation the following cancellation fees will apply:

Interpreting services
6 – 4 weeks before the event starts: 30% of the order fee; 4 – 2 weeks before the conference starts: 50% of the order fee; less than 2 weeks before the conference starts: 75% of the order fee; less than 3 days before the conference starts: 100% of the order fee.
Expenses that have already been paid for (travel ticket costs, hotel bookings, pre-booked flight tickets, etc.) as well as administrative costs that have arisen (e.g. for briefings, interpreter bookings already concluded, etc.) shall be paid in full in the event of cancellation.
For events in the months of May, June, September and October, the cancellation rate shall be 100% for all cancellations occurring later than 6 weeks before the conference starts.

Withdrawal from the rental agreement for interpreting equipment/conference equipment
Withdrawal up to 4 weeks before the event starts, 50%; withdrawal later than this, 100% of the rental price. Costs already paid for third-party services (e.g. transport costs, costs for device redirection, etc.) shall also be reimbursed.