RecogSense® – Website Translations for Digital Marketing Agencies
RecogSense® – Website Translations for Digital Marketing Agencies

RecogSense® – Website Translations for Digital Marketing Agencies

As a professional web marketing agency, you already have a heightened awareness about the various factors that are vital to the success of a website or an online shop. 

Successful websites and online shops combine linguistically optimised content with cutting-edge technology and sophisticated, data-driven strategies for lead generation.

While your web marketing agency is working on the technical, structural and strategic steps for optimising your approach, we are more than happy to follow your guidelines in order to take care of the linguistic aspects of your clients’ international objectives.

By combining your digital expertise with our culturally sensitive and target-oriented RecogSense® SEO website translation services, your clients will be able to leverage the full power of a multilingual online presence.

RecogSense® – culturally sensitive translations. Better found, better recognised, better connected.

Texts published online can only fulfil their full potential if the target audience actually finds the texts and is also able to understand them correctly, meaning that they readily perceive the intended message and still think about it for a long time after. 

This is not only true for monolingual but also for multilingual websites.

After all, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service if it is marketed to them in their native language.

The RecogSense® SEO website translations offered by Connect Translations Austria GmbH 

  • are adapted to SEO criteria,
  • consider culture specific aspects and the search habits of the target audience,
  • combine the necessary levels of cultural sensitivity with linguistic perfection,
  • facilitate the process of digital sales organisation by building trust and serving as a permanent flagship of the company
  • and guarantee sustainable success in international competition at reasonable and fair rates.

RecogSense® – analog meets digital

RecogSense® SEO website translation services combine digital efficiency with human expertise.

We transform digital insights delivered by your web marketing agency into target language content that your target audience can easily find and fully understand from an intercultural perspective thanks to the combined power of translation and SEO.

Our range of SEO translation services includes:

  • client-specific strategy discussion with the responsible team member from your web marketing agency
  • target-oriented translations of the most relevant keywords and set-up of a terminology database
  • preparation of a project-specific style guide for translators
  • ISO 17100 certified translations and transcreations that are adapted to the cultural background and search habits of the relevant target audience
  • implementation of linguistic changes made necessary by SEO criteria (e.g. keyword density, etc.) on the basis of an analysis carried out by you in this regard
  • translation and adaptation of metatexts
  • translation of social media campaigns
  • translation of search ads
  • linguistic review of published content
  • multilingual copywriting