Marketing Translations
Marketing Translations

Marketing Translations

Anyone trying to succeed with an innovative business idea or a ground-breaking new product also has to put quite a lot of thought into the professional presentation and the promotion of their venture. In other words: good marketing is key. If the aim is to target an international audience, translations make up an essential part of this marketing strategy. As a translation agency operating on a global scale, at Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria GmbH, we always stay abreast of all the latest developments in the professional world. We therefore offer our clients high-quality marketing translations in over 20 languages, which make up a key part of your marketing strategy and are just as innovative and refined as your business idea or product itself. And we do so both online and offline.

The particularities of marketing translations

Each specialism presents its very own set of challenges for translators. The field of marketing translations certainly is not an exception to this rule. What makes marketing texts special is that they are not merely a means of soberly conveying relevant information about the offered or presented product, but they should also advocate the value of the product to the potential customers and, ideally, convince them to buy it.

For marketing texts, it is absolutely crucial that this nuance is not lost in translation, which means that translators often need to bring a certain level of creativity and linguistic sensitivity to the job. Because of their significant reach, even the shortest advertising slogans must be spot on and extremely well thought out as they are often rife with wordplays, rhymes, jokes or cultural allusions that should ideally be transferred to the marketing translation.

Quality assurance for marketing translations

At Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria, we want to ensure that all translators who collaborate with us on marketing-related projects are equipped with the right set of skills for this challenge. That is why we work exclusively with academically trained translators. Additionally, all translations produced by Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria have to pass a multi-stage quality check. This means that after a translation has been completed, it undergoes a revision process by a second translator. At the end of this procedure, the responsible project manager also carries out a final check.

Transcreation: a special type of marketing translation

Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria offers not only “typical” marketing translations but our range of services also includes so-called “transcreation”, meaning a mix of translating and recreating a text. The source material for the process of transcreation can include both images and texts which are in some way closely tied to a specific culture – be it due to their symbolic meaning or due the choice of words. This can mean that these pieces of communication do not produce the same effect in the target culture as they do in the source culture – or, in extreme cases, the intended meaning might be lost completely, even if the text is read in translation. Transcreation therefore means diverting from the usual methods of translating a text. Unlike with technical translation, the main goal of transcreation is not to transfer the meaning of the source text with utmost precision, but instead to focus on adapting the text to the needs of the target culture. As a consequence, translators working on transcreation often have to completely reimagine a text or choose vastly different images.

Search engine optimised and target-oriented translations of websites

Multilingual websites in particular need to be designed with the search habits of the intended target audience in mind and should be worded in line with different criteria of search engine optimised language in order to be successful. For this reason, transcreation can be an excellent means of ensuring that your envisaged target audience finds your products and services on the web.