Translation Services German and Other Languages
Translation Services German and Other Languages

Translation Services German and Other Languages

Around the world, almost 7,000 different languages are spoken. Despite this, many translation agencies claim to offer specialist translations and interpreting services for all of the world’s languages. Here at Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria, we believe in the saying “less is sometimes more”, always prioritizing quality over quantity in our services.

We only offer specialist translations in languages for which we can guarantee 100% that our translators and proofreaders can meet the highest quality standards ISO 17100 (training, linguistic knowledge, advanced training, etc.).

And exactly the same principle applies to the interpreting services offered by Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria. In order to meet our clients’ high expectations, we only work with experienced interpreters who can demonstrate that they have extensive expertise in interpreting complex content. We simply do not offer languages and services for which we cannot give a one-hundred percent guarantee of quality.

Technical, legal and other specialist translations

Sworn translations

Sworn translations can only be produced by sworn and legally certified interpreters (court interpreters). As such, our range of languages depends on the languages and language combinations offered by court interpreters. For language combinations without any competent court interpreters in Austria, we can either have the translation completed by a court interpreter in the destination country or we can have it translated using relay translations. More information about sworn translations and their prices can be found here.

Consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation languages