Translator Maltese ↔ German / English
Translator Maltese ↔ German / English

Translator Maltese ↔ German / English

Maltese is descended from an Arabic dialect. In the 9th century, Arabs conquered and settled in Malta. From the 16th century onwards, Maltese was strongly influenced by Italian as a result of the rule of the Knights Hospitaller. When Malta became a British Crown Colony in 1814, English was adopted as an official language. Since then, Malta has played a dominant role. Maltese is the only Semitic language on earth that is written in the Latin script. Today, Maltese is spoken by approximately 330,000 people as native language and it is an official language of the EU. There are many Translators Maltese - English but Translators Maltese - German cannot be found very often.

Qualified Translators Maltese

Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria offers ISO 17100-certified specialist translations into Maltese from German & English.

We guarantee consistently high quality by complying with strict qualification criteria when selecting our translators and then adhering to the Four Eyes principle. Our academically qualified translators have excellent knowledge of the source and target language. On top of that, our translators are also well versed in the terminology and linguistic conventions of their specialist field.

All translations are subject to a three-stage quality check. After the translator has completed the translation, it is compared with the source text by a skilled proofreader and checked to ensure it is complete, grammatically correct, stylistically appropriate and that the terminology is consistent.

Maltese Translators for Various Specialist Fields

Maltese translators at Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria are well versed in a wide variety of specialist fields. The range of topics offered for Maltese includes, but is not limited to:

  • technical translations (operating instructions, technical documentation, data sheets, maintenance instructions, installation instructions etc.)
  • legal translations (rental agreements, purchasing agreements, employment contracts, general terms and conditions, GDPR documents etc.)
  • financial translations (annual reports, tenders, etc.)
  • translation of marketing texts (SEO translation of websites and online shops, folders, catalogues, press releases, conference documents, etc.)

Translators Maltese - Costs

The costs for Maltese specialist translations are calculated based on the number of words in the source language. For larger translation projects in which many sections of text are repeated and for which consistent terminology is paramount, we use so called CAT tools with which the costs can be lowered by up to 70%. Further information on this can be found here.