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What distinguishes sworn translations from other forms of translation

Published in Certified translations on 21/03/2024

**Sworn translations**, also known as certified translations or official translations, are a special form of legal translations that are prepared by sworn and court-certified interpreters (commonly known as court interpreters). In most cases, sworn translations are required for submission to authorities and courts. These include, for example, translations of excerpts from company registers, articles of association and medical reports. In Austria the **court interpreters** confirm the accuracy of the translation with a stamp and signature. The first page of the translation states that it is a certified translation from language X into language Y.


Linguistic Differences: English vs. German Language

Published in Translation - English on 10/06/2022

Fundamental differences between two language systems make the translation process more challenging and the two Germanic languages, English and German, have less in common than you might think


Translating technical documentation correctly and user-friendly

Published in Technical translations on 21/04/2021

Translating technical documentations is something completely different to translation marketing texts since they have to be translated correctly and user friendly. Especially when it comes to terminology, the translator needs to do a lot of research and has to be consistent. Here are some more challenges to translating technical documentations.


Medical Translations

Published in Medical translations on 16/03/2021

Medicine is certainly one of the most complex fields that translators and interpreters can specialize in.


What do the Pope and Translators have in Common?

Published in Translating - General Information on 23/02/2021

What do the Pope and translators have in common? They both care for people's well-being. Trusting a translation agency with your translations can save you a lot of embarrassment. Here are the reasons why.


Machine Translation - The beginning of the end?

Published in Machine translation, Translating - General Information on 25/01/2021

Over many years, machine translation services were perceived as THE Antichrist by professional translators. Today, however, so-called “neural machine translation services” have turned out to be the beginning of a new era in the history of machine translation.


Translation in a Time of Long-Term Change

Published in SEO translations, Translating - General Information, Translation Agency Vienna on 03/04/2020

The only constant in life is change. It’s an old truism that, due to coronavirus, is more relevant today than it has ever been. Things we used to take for granted now present major challenges. Income streams that were still flowing steadily yesterday have often completely disappeared. As entrepreneurs and as employees, we are currently fighting to protect jobs and maintain our relationships with clients. Now more so than ever, staying optimistic is part of our corporate responsibility. We know that the shock of a crisis, as terrible as its consequences may be, in the end often proves to foster positive developments. This can also hold true for the translation industry.


Machine Translation: A Brief History

Published in Machine translation on 04/02/2020

Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations - Machine translation is a highly topical subject. There is an abundance of talk about the remarkably good results that machine translation systems are able to produce. However, this has certainly not always been the case. Find out more!