How much does a German translation cost?
How much does a German translation cost?

How much does a German translation cost?

When calculating the costs for translations (to and from German but also all other languages), Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria is committed to transparency and fairness.

Because we calculate translation costs based on the word count of the source text, our prices are always fixed rates. This means that you know exactly how much a translation is going to cost before we even start translating.

With translations that are submitted to us in a format that can be edited directly in the file (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) the number of words in the source language can be determined easily. In Microsoft Word, for instance, this information can be found on the “Review” tab, under the icon “Word Count”.

For files sent to us by fax, in GIF format or as a PDF, we can determine the number of words using a special piece of software. We calculate the costs of texts that are difficult to read or handwritten texts based on the number of lines (one line = 55 characters, including spaces) in the translation (= target language).

Translations produced using CAT tools have special differential prices. For more information on this, have a look at our prices for computer-aided translations.

It is possible to set up framework agreements in the event of long-term collaboration.

In Austria, various federal states provide funding for translating brochures, product information and websites. More information about the possibility of support for translations can be obtained from the Austrian Economic Chambers or the relevant authorities in a particular federal state.