Additional services of Connect Translations Austria
Additional services of Connect Translations Austria

Additional services of Connect Translations Austria

The Translation Agency Vienna ǀ Connect Translations Austria GmbH does not only offer interpreting services and ISO 17100-certified specialist translations, but also many other language-related services such as post-editing of machine translations, professional proofreading of German texts, foreign language typesetting, foreign language dubbing, as well as transcription of interviews and other audio and film files.

Post-editing of machine translations

In most cases, machine translations are of limited or no use at all. They often involve considerable risks. To ensure maximum security, human post-editing is indispensable. This involves completely rewriting culture-specific content according to the perspective of the target culture.

When it comes to post-editing offered by the Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria GmbH, the (human) translators always have the last say.

We only offer "full post-editing", because "light post-editing" does not meet our strict RecogSense® quality standards. Click here for more information on our full post-editing services.

Professional proofreading of German texts

In business matters, nothing is worse than when a spelling or grammar mistake finds its way into the otherwise flawless advertising campaign of a new product or a brilliant business idea. That is precisely why we also offer proofreading of German texts.

Foreign language typesetting – desktop publishing (DTP)

Whether you need Turkish brochures, Arabic manuals, Dutch technical documentation, French packaging, Chinese business cards or advertising materials in English, Finnish and Russian – by using the latest translation technologies and thanks to long-standing cooperations with top Vienna-based printing companies with an experienced pre-press team (familiar with foreign-language typesetting), we can not only offer you high-quality translations but also ready-to-print printing templates in the respective foreign language. Find out more here.

Transcription and translation of interviews & other audio and film files

If oral utterances are to be recorded in writing at a later point in time, this is referred to as a transcription. Transcriptions (and their subsequent translation) of audio files or videos are an effective tool in a variety of situations and are in great demand as such. Find out more here.

Foreign language dubbing – professional speakers

You need your presentation video to be translated and dubbed for the trade fair in Brazil? You need a pleasant German voice for your e-learning course? Our translation agency ensures that you are provided with the right translation and the most suitable speaker. Click here for more information on our speakers.