Sworn Translations Costs
Sworn Translations Costs

Sworn Translations Costs

Sworn translations for submission to Austrian public authorities and companies are produced by specially trained “Austrian Certified Court Interpreters”. The price of a sworn translation is therefore usually considerably higher than that of a “normal”, i.e. non-sworn, translation.

The price for sworn translations is made up of two elements:

  • the notarisation fee
  • the costs for the translation

The notarisation fee is a fixed sum and applies to every single document to be translated. The costs for the translation are calculated based on the number of lines in the final text. One line contains 55 characters (including spaces). How long the translation is and as such how much it costs depends on the

  • language combination: a translation from English into German is roughly 20% longer than the original
  • number of seals on the original: every seal has to be translated by the translator
  • number of signatures: signatures are generally indicated by the words “illegible signature” in the translation
  • number of comments/explanatory footnotes: for example, in many cases, it is necessary to explain abbreviations. If lots of explanatory notes are required, the sworn translation will become longer and the cost will increase accordingly.

Thanks to a price calculation model that was specially developed for Connect Translations, we can tell our customers exactly how much a sworn translation will cost, before the order is placed.

Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria GmbH offers not only sworn translations from English into German but also from French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, etc. into German.