Pricing model for translation and interpreting

When calculating the costs for translations and interpreting services, the Translation Agency Connect Translations Austria GmbH is committed to transparency and fairness.

Prices for specialist translations

Because we calculate translation costs based on the word count of the source text, our prices are always fixed rates. This means that you know exactly how much a translation is going to cost before we even start translating. You can find more information about this here. We make use of CAT tools for larger translation projects in which there are many repetitions of sections of text and for which consistent terminology is paramount. Click here to find out more about the substantial savings made possible by using the latest translation technology.

Prices for sworn translations

In Austria, sworn translations can only be produced by “sworn and legally certified interpreters” with the relevant qualifications. As such, the price for a sworn translation is usually somewhat higher than the price of a “normal”, i.e. non-sworn, translation. Generally, sworn translations are charged based on the number of lines in the translation (= target text). You can find more information about our prices for sworn translations here.

Interpreting prices

The most important elements of interpreting costs are the interpreter’s fee, any travel costs and the costs of room and board. You can find more information about this here.

Support for translation costs

 In Austria, various federal states provide funding for translating brochures, product information and websites. More information about the possibility of support for translations can be found at the Austrian Economic Chambers or the relevant authorities in a particular federal state.