Sworn Translation Ukrainian ↔ German / English
Sworn Translation Ukrainian ↔ German / English

Sworn Translation Ukrainian ↔ German / English

In addition to ISO-17100-certified specialist translations of German Ukrainian legal texts, the Translation Agency Vienna ǀ Connect Translations Austria GmbH also offers sworn German ↔ Ukrainian translations.

Sworn translation Ukrainian ↔ German versus specialist Ukrainian ↔ German legal translations

Sworn Ukrainian ↔ German translations differ in some basic aspects from specialist German ↔ Ukrainian legal translations.

  • Sworn translations are produced primarily for expert reports, contracts, school leaving certificates (university entrance certificates), diplomas, birth certificates, extracts from the commercial register, extracts from criminal records, driving licences, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, passports and other documents that need to be submitted to public offices or authorities.
  • Austria
    • In Austria sworn translations may only be produced by sworn and court-certified interpreters (court interpreters).
    • Austrian court interpreters attest to the exact conformity of the translation with the original and the accuracy of the translation by means of a sworn statement, their signature and a round seal. For this reason, sworn translations do not undergo proofreading by a second translator.
    • Sworn Ukrainian ↔ German translations are generally attached to the respective original. However, it is also possible to attach them to a copy or a certified copy of the original. In this case, the translation is annotated to show it has been produced using a (certified) copy. Please make sure to clarify this point with the final recipient of the translation before assigning the job.
  • Germany
    • Only translators who have been publicly appointed and sworn in or certified by a German court are authorised to produce sworn translations in Germany. Although notaries in Germany are not authorised to produce sworn translations, the term “notarised translation” is still very widespread.
    • Translators are also often referred to as sworn translators. The exact designation varies depending on the federal state in which the translator is registered with a court. It makes no difference whether sworn translations are produced by court-certified or sworn translators.
    • Translators who are certified, sworn in or publicly appointed by a German court confirm that the translation they have produced is a binding, accurate and complete rendering of the original document by means of an attestation clause, a seal and their signature.
    • No proofreading by a second translator is provided in the case of sworn translations.

Sworn translation Ukrainian ↔ German – Costs

In contrast to specialist legal and technical translations, where we calculate the price based on the number of words, the costs for sworn German ↔ Ukrainian translations are based on the number of standard lines in the target language. Thanks to a price calculation method developed by Translation Agency Vienna ǀ Connect Translations Austria GmbH, we are still able to provide the exact costs of a sworn Ukrainian ↔ German translation before the order is placed.

In order to receive a quote free of charge, you can send us a scanned copy of the relevant document using our enquiry form or by e-mail. We kindly ask you to indicate any fixed delivery deadline you may have, so we can check the capacities of our court interpreters. You can, of course, also bring the document to our agency. However, you will need to make an appointment over the phone in this case. The quote will be sent to you by e-mail.

Sworn translation Ukrainian ↔ German – processing time

The time it takes to complete a sworn translation depends primarily on the length of the text to be translated and on the current availability of our court interpreters.