Interpreter & Translator Portuguese ↔ German / English
Interpreter & Translator Portuguese ↔ German / English

Interpreter & Translator Portuguese ↔ German / English

With more than 200 million speakers, Portuguese is the sixth most natively spoken language in the world. Portuguese is an official language in many countries, for example in Brazil. But, there are major differences between the Portuguese language spoken in Brazil and the Portuguese language spoken in Portugal and in other countries. For translations into Portuguese it is therefore essential for the translator or interpreter to know for which country or region the translation or interpretation is intended.

Qualified Translator Portuguese

Strict qualification criteria for selecting our Portuguese translators and strict compliance with the Four Eyes principle ensure consistent quality. All Portuguese specialist translations are carried out by academically qualified translators who only translate into their native language, have excellent knowledge of the source and target language and are also well versed in the terminology and the linguistic conventions of the respective specialist field. Before being delivered to the client, every translation completed by one of our translators is compared with the source text by skilled revisers and checked to ensure it is complete, grammatically correct, stylistically appropriate and that the terminology is consistent. In doing so we meet the demands according to ISO 17100.

Translation Portuguese - Specialist Fields

Portuguese translators at Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria are well versed in a wide variety of specialist fields. The range of topics offered for Portuguese includes, but is not limited to:

  • technical translations (operating instructions, technical documentation, data sheets, maintenance instructions, installation instructions etc.)
  • legal translations (rental agreements, purchasing agreements, employment contracts, general terms and conditions, GDPR documents etc.)
  • financial translations (annual reports, tenders etc.)
  • translations of marketing texts (SEO translation of websites and online shops, folders, catalogues, press releases etc.)

Translator Portuguese - Costs

The costs for Portuguese translations are calculated based on the number of words in the source language. This means that you know exactly how much a translation is going to cost, even before we start translating. For larger projects, such as translations of websites or technical documentation, our translators use CAT tools such as memoQ and Across. By using high-tech translation software, we can offer not only significant price advantages, but also translations compiled directly in the existing layout (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, XML, PHP, etc.). With InDesign files, we also need the IDML file.

Sworn Translations Portuguese

Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria also offers sworn translations from Portuguese into German and vice versa. Sworn translations are carried out by Austrian court interpreters. As court interpreters confirm the exact correspondence of the translation with the original by means of an attestation, a signature and a round seal, there will be no revision by a second translator. The costs for sworn translations are calculated according to the number of lines in the target language.

Interpreter Portuguese German English

Our interpreting agency also offers simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting from English and German into Portuguese and vice versa. Interpreting fees are calculated according to the time the interpretation takes. The interpreter’s fee includes not only the act of interpreting itself, but also the intensive preparation for the interpreting assignment. With simultaneous interpreting, interpreters always work in teams of two so that they can alternate half-hourly. This also applies for chuchotage (whispered interpreting), which is a special type of simultaneous interpretation.

Interpreting Equipment Rental - Conference Equipment

Due to our collaboration with partners working in the field of conference technology, you can also rent the latest interpreting equipment (interpreting booths, public address systems, headphones etc.), portable interpretation systems, discussion equipment and the latest conference and event equipment.