Translators French ↔ English / German
Translators French ↔ English / German

Translators French ↔ English / German

French is the tenth most widely spoken native language on earth. Just like English, French is an official working language of the European Union and the United Nations. Therefore, there is a great need for French translations and French translators . Although French is regulated rather strictly, it also shows many regional characteristics. Therefore, it is often very important to know the target region of the text in order to carry out a translation into French.

Translators French ↔ English – ISO 17100 certified RecogSense® quality

The ISO 17100 certified Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria GmbH has an extensive pool of academically trained French translators at its disposal. All our translators have excellent knowledge of the source & target language and are familiar with the terminology and linguistic customs of the respective subject area. Translation assignments are allocated based on project-specific requirements (target group, subject area, language combination), as well as the translators’ qualifications. This guarantees that your texts end up with translators and revisors with the best technical and linguistic skills. The working languages of our French translators include Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian.

All of our French translators and revisors meet the strict RecogSense® quality standards in terms of education, experience, and training. The essence of these criteria lies in the combination of digital efficiency, man-made linguistic perfection, and ISO 17100 certified quality.

Our three-stage quality check and strict adherence to the four-eyes principle (every French to English translation is reviewed by a second trained French ↔ English translator after it has been submitted by the original translator) ensure the delivery of top-quality translations.

Translators French ↔ English specialist fields

The French ↔ English translators at the Translation Agency Vienna ǀ Connect Translations Austria have specialised in the translation of legal, technical, and other specialist texts in the course of their careers. In some cases, they have also completed legal, technical, or other studies in addition to their training as French translators. Consequently, our French ↔ English translators do not only posses the essential language skills but also profound knowledge of the respective subject area, enabling them to translate even the most complex texts in a way that is comprehensible to the target audience.

The texts that our French ↔ English translators translate on a daily basis include:

  • in the field of technology: user guides, lists of replacement parts, handbooks, installation instructions, declarations of conformity, design drawings, quick start guides, instructions for assembly, product data sheets, quality management handbooks, training documents, service manuals, safety data sheets, lists of components, technical documentation, and maintenance instructions.
  • in the field of law: general terms and conditions, employment contracts, excerpts from the commercial register, GDPR documents such as data protection and privacy policies, temporary injunctions, company register excerpts, court judgements, partnership agreements, expert’s reports, sales contracts, lawsuits, licence agreements, tenancy agreements, leases, patents, guidelines, foundation deeds, and customs documents.
  • in the field of marketing: brochures, folders, product descriptions, product catalogues as well as websites & web shops (taking SEO into account)
  • in the field of business: offers, tender documents, balance sheets, company presentations, business correspondence, company reports, annual reports, price lists, press releases, tax returns, documents for financing projects, statements of accounts, audit reports, documents for due diligence procedures, insurance documents as well as Profit & Loss statements, etc.

Translators French ↔ English / German – competitive rates

At the Translation Agency Vienna ǀ Connect Translations Austria, we are committed to transparency. The costs for specialist translations are calculated based on the number of words in the source language. The price per word varies depending on the language combination.

Our French ↔ English / German translators work with so-called CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation tools) such as MemoQ and Across. This highly specialised software, developed specifically for the translation industry, does not only save time and thus costs, it also facilitates terminology management significantly. What's more, it offers the advantage of our French translators being able to carry out translations directly in the existing format. This is very helpful for construction drawings, InDesign and Help & Manual files, as well as for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PHP files. With construction drawings that have been created with a CAD programme, we ideally receive the drawings in the exchange format DFX. InDesign files are required in IDML format. Please send us Framemaker documents as MIF files.

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