Interpreter & translator Slovakian ↔ German / English
Interpreter & translator Slovakian ↔ German / English

Interpreter & translator Slovakian ↔ German / English

Slovakian is spoken by approximately 5 million people in Slovakia. The geographical proximity to Austria - Bratislava is only 70 kilometres away from Vienna - makes Slovakia an interesting trading partner. Therefore, our Slovakian translators and interpreters are in great demand.

Qualified Translators Slovakian

Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria collaborates exclusively with professional specialist translators. Our Slovakian translators are selected pursuant to the strict qualification criteria in accordance with ISO 17100, the standard for translation services. According to this standard, having an excellent knowledge of the source and target language is just as important as being well versed in the terminology and the linguistic conventions of the respective specialist field. Before delivering to the client, our legal, technical and other specialist translations are compared with the respective source texts by skilled revisers and checked in order to ensure that the translations are complete, grammatically correct, stylistically appropriate and that the terminology is consistent.

Translator Slovakian - Specialist Translations

Our technical translators for Slovakian have experience with texts (operating instructions, package leaflets, websites, catalogues, manuals and technical documentation) from a wide variety of fields: automation, the automotive industry, construction, domestic appliances, the energy sector, the food industry, the furniture industry, insurance, logistics, materials handling, mechanical engineering, nutrition, the paper industry, pharmaceuticals, real estate, software solutions, systems engineering, wood processing etc. Our legal translators and interpreters have excellent knowledge of the following types of texts: articles of association, employment contracts, extracts from the commercial register, GDPR documents, general terms and conditions, leasing agreements, licence agreements, purchasing agreements, reports, etc. Annual reports, balance sheets and tenders are all translated by our business translators.

Translations Slovakian - Rates per Word

The costs for Slovakian translations are calculated based on the number of words in the source language. Thus, our prices are always fixed prices. For larger projects or projects in which consistent terminology is paramount, such as translations of websites or technical documentation, our translators use CAT tools such as memoQ and Across. By using this high-tech translation software, we can offer not only significant cost savings, but also translations carried out directly in the existing layout (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, XML, PHP, etc.). With InDesign files, we also need the IDML file.

Sworn Translation Slovakian

Contracts play an important role in business life. Therefore, in addition to ISO 17100-certified specialist translations, Translation Agency Vienna | Connect Translations Austria also offers sworn translations German ↔ Slovakian. Sworn translations are carried out by Austrian court interpreters who confirm the exact conformity of the translation with the original by means of an attestation, a signature and a seal. Therefore, a revision by a second translator is not included. The costs for sworn translations are calculated according to the number of lines in the target language.

Interpreter Slovakian

The Slovakian simultaneous interpreters (conference interpreters) and consecutive interpreters (liaison interpreters) of our Interpreting Agency Connect Translations Austria GmbH in Vienna are among the best interpreters of the sector. The interpreting fee includes the actual interpreting itself as well as thorough preparation for the interpreting assignment. With conference interpreting, interpreters always work in teams of two. If interpreters have to travel from far away, compensation for time spent travelling will also be included in the fee in addition to the travel expenses. In order to ensure that the client does not have to pay extra costs, or to keep expenses to a minimum, our interpreting agency naturally makes every effort to only commission interpreters who live near the respective venue. If necessary, accommodation costs and food expenses will also be charged.

Conference Technology / Interpretation Equipment / Portable Interpretation System

We are not only able to find the right interpreter for you. Together with partners working in the field of conference technology, we are also able to provide you with interpretation equipment (interpretation booths, headphones, public address systems etc.). Our portable interpretation system, which is suitable for rather small and short interpreting assignments, is in great demand.

Congress Documents Slovakian

Congress documents are important means of communication. Congress participants like to take the documents home with them as a keepsake. Therefore, professional translation and attractive design of congress documents are essential. In many cases, congress documents are the only thing that will remind participants of a conference in a few years' time. Thanks to our cooperation with a very professional printing house, we are also able to take care of design, printing and dispatch of the documents as needed.